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Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing Services

Customized Company Policy

National Safety Compliance, Inc. Substance Abuse Division will develop a customized policy and procedure for your company that conforms to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations outlined in 49 CFR Part 40.

Specimen Collection, Transportation, Testing

National Safety Compliance, Inc. will collect specimens using a network of collection sites nationwide or with our mobile compliance unit. We will provide the overnight transportation to a SAMHSA certified laboratory to perform the testing procedures.

Alcohol Testing

National Safety Compliance, Inc. will conduct alcohol testing using D.O.T. approved equipment and certified Breath Alcohol Technicians. Alcohol tests are performed on the mobile compliance unit or at an approved site near your terminal.


MRO Review and SAP Referral

National Safety Compliance, Inc. provides the Medical Review Officers to review all drug tests, and has a complete national network of approved Substance Abuse Professionals that can assist in evaluating donors that test positive for alcohol misuse or controlled substances.


Random Testing & Confirmation Testing

National Safety Compliance, Inc. will perform random selections using a State-of-the-Art computer generation program that selects donors without discrimination. The program uses a special algorithm which helps to avoid potential concerns about a biased random test. All confirmation testing is included without additional charges when using one of our approved collection sites.

Monthly/Annual Reports

All records are maintained in a safe secure environment that ensures confidentiality for donor results. Clients will receive monthly and annual statistical reports that meet U.S. D.O.T. requirements. NSC will also send reports to D.O.T. if your company is chosen to report your program statistics.

Mobile Compliance Unit

Minimize your drug testing costs while maximizing your benefits by using our mobile compliance unit to conduct your controlled substance and alcohol testing needs on-site. Eliminate employee downtime. Call now (800) 869-3926!

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