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DOT Rules Require Additional Collector Training...


Effective August 1, 2001 The Department of Transportation released revised rules REQUIRING individuals, who collect urine specimens for safety-sensitive employees, to comply with the NEW training requirements. This is the collectors video and training manual that shows you STEP-BY-STEP how to conduct a DOT urine collection.

This new series includes the Initial Proficiency Demonstration Mock Collections that MUST be performed by ALL collectors, even those who have been collecting specimens before August 1, 2001. Every collector must perform FIVE mock collections to demonstrate proficiency.

This program covers all the new rules and it includes a documentation form to monitor and to certify completion of these demonstrations.

  • The NEW Collector Training Video and Manual also includes:
  • How to Use the New Federal Drug Testing Custody & Control Form
  • Unusual Collections and what to do
  • Troubleshooting Collector Errors
  • Diluted, unsuitable, substituted, and adulterated specimens and what you need to know
  • And many more helpful and time saving collector tactics that will keep you in compliance.

Urine Specimen Collection Video & Manual
Order Item# DA120 Price: $ 249.00

Employers expect YOU to know the RULES. Reduce your collection errors and problems. Place your order for this new and exciting Collectors Training Program.

 Urine Specimen Collection Training Manual Only
Order Item#
DA120CM Price: $ 39.95




Alcohol and the Commercial Driver

Order Item #ACD04 Price $99.95

This video dramatically shows the effects of drivers actually driving a commercial motor vehicle at the 0.04% BAC level.

Will just 2 beers make a difference in a drivers ability to control a vehicle?

The answer is YES and this video proves it. We tested 2 drivers while sober and at the 0.04% BAC.

Federal Regulations prohibit a driver from operating a commercial motor vehicle if at a 0.02% BAC (breath alcohol concentration) level, and prescribes severe penalties if driving at 0.04% or greater BAC. That's about 2 beers for a 180 lb person.

We tested their vehicle control and their reaction times through scientifically controlled braking tests. While at the 0.04% BAC their reaction times and distances increased on average by 60%!

This video dramatically shows the adverse effects of alcohol on the driving performance of experienced "working professionals" commercial drivers, under controlled testing conditions and closely monitored BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels. It will help you to comply with the alcohol training requirements as outlined in 49 CFR, Part 382.601 and 382.603. This video is a must for your training library. Ideal for safety meetings and increasing driver awareness of the effects of small amounts of alcohol on driving performance.

The Consequences of Driving a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence

This HARD HITTING Video Only $99.95
Order Item # 1017I

In today's driving environment more and more emphasis is being placed on alcohol and driving.

This program is designed to graphically demonstrate the consequences of driving under the influence. A drunk driver is pulled over, given a sobriety field test, taken to jail and then appears before a judge for sentencing. Excellent program to make drivers more aware of their driving responsibility. All portions of this video were shot on location using real Highway Patrol officers, police and judge.


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