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Safety Training Videos

Coupling and Un-Coupling Couple
Order Item #CV03 Price $99.95

Filmed on location, this video covers the steps necessary to safely couple and uncouple a tractor trailer according to the procedures outlined in the new Model Drivers Manual for Commercial Vehicle Drivers Licensing.

  • 22 Minutes in length
  • 16 Steps to Couple
  • 10 Steps to Uncouple

    The only video training program that depicts a driver actually performing each step in accordance with your states CDL manual. It's a great training program for new drivers and super as a refresher for "old hands."

CTTS CDL Hazardous Material Video Hazard
Order Item #HMG Price$79.95

The CDL regulations require that if a driver has a hazardous material endorsement that the hazardous material test must be retaken every time the driver renews his license. And, the hazardous material tests have been completely changed and are much more difficult.

This video is the only one available which contains the latest changes, test questions and answers.


CTTS CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Video
HazardTractor Trailer (#PT-001)

Straight Truck (#PT-002)

The State CDL Manual requires that the Pre-Trip inspection be conducted in a very specific order. It also mandates that drivers inspect over 100 items. This is a great addition for your video library as well as a training aid for new drivers. Order one, Straight Truck or Tractor Trailer video, or order both. When ordering, specify straight truck or tractor trailer version. Each video 20 Minutes. This is the only video of its kind which completely illustrates the proper way to conduct a Pre-Trip inspection.

A Great video for preparing to take the CDL test!


Dump Truck Safety Dump Truck
Order Item # C007E Price: $119.95

This 15 minute video is a safety awareness program emphasizing job site safety and procedures for anyone operating dump trucks.

The program offers reminders on daily maintenance inspections and details loading and unloading procedures at the job site.





Disabled Vehicle Accident Procedures & Truck Fires
Dis Fire
Order Item # 1014A Price: $99.95


This full length 16 minute video shows what to do with a disabled vehicle, details proper accident reporting procedures, shows how to handle vehicles fires and describes procedures for handling hazardous waste and materials.

A great training program to refresh your drivers awareness of accident procedures and proper action during emergencies.



Lifting Safely in Distribution Terminal
This FULL LENGTH Video Only $99.95
Order Item # 13003A

The variety of lifting tasks in the distribution terminal requires specific techniques to be accomplished safely.

This 9 minute program provides an in-depth look at proper lifting techniques under difficult conditions, and the hazards resulting from using incorrect methods.

This program is a MUST SEE program for employees BEFORE an injury occurs.....and....is a great video for retraining employees who have experienced a back injury.       


Introducing FORKLIFT 2000
A Total, Complete Operator Training Program Makes OSHA Mandated Training Easy!
Fork LiftOrder FORKLIFT 2000 now for just $ 459.95   
$100.00 savings off the regular price.
Special pricing good until cancelled.

Order Item # F2000

OSHA'S New Forklift Training Rule applies to ALL truck drivers AND anyone else who operates forklifts. Your current training program in NO LONGER in Compliance Compliance with OSHA's new forklift training requirements (29CFR 1910.178(1) - applies to EVERY truck driver who uses forklifts to unload cargo....and to every forklift operator throughout the country.

This requirement is MANDATORY by December 1, 1999.

To train your drivers and forklift operators in accordance with the new rule - and to help prevent accidents and fines - turn to CTTS's FORKLIFT 2000, complete turn key training program.

Forklift 2000 - a Total, Complete Operator Training Program Makes OSHA Mandated Training Easy!

This program was written in large part by former forklift operators and trainers. It is a ready to use program featuring a practical "real-world" approach to training.

Just some of the topics covered include:

Correct steering and maneuvering
Maintaining proper balance
Correct loading and unloading
Traveling with a load
Pre-operation inspection

This program contains EVERYTHING you need to conduct training for all your current operators and EVERY OPERATOR YOU HIRE IN THE FUTURE.

Unlike other so called "complete" programs which give you only a few operator handbooks and tests and certification cards......and then require that you continue to purchase more as you hire new employees... the FORKLIFT 2000 program comes with a CD-ROM which contains all of the following:

  • Overhead Masters 100s of Color Photos for Overheads

  • Instructor Guide

  • Employee Handbook

  • Certificates of Completion

  • Wallet Cards

  • Pre-Operational Checklist

  • Performance Evaluations

  • 50 Question Test

Need 5 Instructor Guides and 10 Handbooks?... just print them out whenever you need them!. Hire a new employee next month or next year?... just print out the tests, certificates, wallet cards... ANYTIME YOU NEED ONE OR A DOZEN!

The FORKLIFT 2000 program also comes with three videos... Forklift 2000 - The NEW Rules 40 minutes long Site Specific Training 59 minutes long (contains 6 video modules covering all types of forklifts...this is required under the new rules) Update for Experienced Operators 15 minutes long

Order today and save $100.00

Get into compliance with OSHA's new forklift training requirements....easily and affordably!

This program will help you:
Conduct forklift training that meets OSHA's requirements
Avoid OSHA fines
Prevent forklift related accidents!


Propane Safety Propane
This FULL LENGTH Video Only $99.95
Order Item # 1011G

Hazardous Material Regulations and Training are more important today than ever before.

This hard hitting 10 minute production explains propane safety procedures, personal protection equipment, fire prevention when refueling and much more. Safety procedures for using, handling, storing and refueling portable propane cylinders are covered.

If your operation uses propane, this program is a must for your training library and for your new employee safety orientation.

Safety and the Law
Order Item #SVL-03 $54.95

Safety and the Law enables you to document your drivers awareness of all driver obligations as defined in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Act of 1986. For Example, the act requires that drivers notify their employer of all their traffic violations. The tape is invaluable, as it gives you legal recourse in potential liability cases. Topics include:

  • Driver Qualifications
  • Part 383.31 reporting requirements for violations
  • Part 383 implementing CDL standards
  • Part 383.33 notification for suspensions, revocations, and convictions
  • Part 383.51 disqualifications of drivers
  • Part 383.53 penalties

    Safety & The Law is a great training video for your new drivers. Make sure that they and your seasoned professional are aware of all the notification regulations. This is the best video training in the industry, written and produced by training expert Bill Atkinson.

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