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Finding 'Em, Hiring 'Em and Keeping 'Em

KeepemItem #RTN-01 $149.95 each

The American Trucking Association , (ATA) says that American Trucking Companies will spend nearly $4 Billion dollars recruiting and hiring drivers through the year 2000. This program will show you how to avoid being part of this number.

The number one reason a driver quits is because he/she feels like a second class citizen, it isn't money, benefits or equipment that will cause a driver to leave - it's the way you treat'em.

Or Order only the Manuals
for $29.95 each
  • Three Videos (almost 3 hours of video training)
  • One Manual
  • Pre-Hire Telephone Checklist
  • Inquiry to Previous Employers
  • Driver Profile Analysis
  • Psychological Profile

Finding 'em, Hiring 'em and Keeping 'em WILL eliminate your driver turnover. It's loaded with hundreds of ideas, tips and suggestions to keep your drivers happy while maintaining peak productivity.

  • The first video shows you how and where to find qualified drivers - tips on advertising, where to place ads and, how to write them. You will learn methods of hiring drivers, other than through newspaper or magazine advertising.

  • The second video in this series will teach your supervisors and management staff how to interview drivers and how to conduct the orientation and driver qualification process. It contains dozens of ideas on how to hire the RIGHT drivers and make them feel GOOD about working for you. It's been said that you hire your own problems. This video will show you how to find & hire the right drivers.

  • The third video contains hundreds of proven tips and suggestions for keeping drivers happy and satisfied working for your company. You'll learn how to establish an effective safety program, conduct great safety meetings and how to maintain quality communications with your drivers.

    If you are having problems finding and keeping quality drivers and owner operator, you need this program. Hundreds of companies are already using this material and saving thousands in driver turnover and hiring costs.

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