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Are You In Compliance With New Jersey's Diesel Emissions Testing Program?

The Regulation
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1667, New Jersey Administrative Code 7:27-14 and 7:27B-4

Effective Date of the Regulation
July 1, 1998

Who is Subject to Emissions Testing?
Fleets having a New Jersey registered diesel-powered motor vehicle, with a gross vehicle weight rating of 18,000 pounds or more are subject to this regulation.

When Should the Vehicle be Tested?
A vehicle must be tested for smoke opacity within 90 days of their month of registration renewal.

Required Testing Frequency
Annual inspection required


The Standards
New Jersey standards require that all heavy duty vehicles powered by a diesel engine and/or operating on New Jersey highways submit to a smoke emissions test.

  • Vehicles with 1991 or newer model-year diesel engines cannot exceed an opacity    level of more than 40%.

  • Vehicles with 1974-1990 model-year diesel engines cannot exceed an opacity level of more than 55%.

  • Vehicles with 1974 or older model-year diesel engines cannot exceed an opacity level of more than 70%.

What AreThe Penalties for Non-Compliance?
Failure to test or submit to test will result in a mandatory $500.00 fine plus court costs.
In addition to fines for non-compliance should your vehicle fail roadside will result in additional fines ranging from $170.00 up to $1,400.00.

National Safety Compliance offers Emission Inspections at your facility seven days a week, hours to accommodate your business schedule.

How do I get my fleet into compliance and avoid citation?
Call NSC now to schedule an appointment (800) 869-3926

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