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Defensive Driving Training & Videos

Aware Driver Awareness
A Defensive Driving Program

Order Item# DAV-1 Price: $169.95

Every year close to 40,000 people die in traffic related accidents. The cost of these accidents exceed $72 billion dollars and result in 1.7 million disabling injuries.

Today's vehicles are safer than ever. Today's highways are safer than they have ever been, and seat belt usage is higher than it has ever been, yet vehicle collisions, death and injury still plague our highways.

The greatest single factor to prevent vehicle collisions is a competent, qualified, trained driver.

This video program, Driver Awareness has been developed to make drivers more aware of their driving environment. It is designed to re-acquaint and reinforce defensive driving techniques. The video shows a series of hazardous situations that appear on the screen for just a few seconds. The drivers watch the scene and see if they can determine what the hazard is and what they can do to avoid it. They then mark their answers on a score sheet which is graded by the instructor. Once graded, the Instructor will have greater insight to the driver's weaknesses or strengths in the following areas:

  • Searching Skills
  • Searching Skills
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Predicting What the Hazard May Do
  • Execution - Driver's response to the Hazard

Once a driver's weakness is determined, the Instructor or Driver Trainer can then tailor a training program designed to improve the driver's weaknesses, thus improving the driver's defensive driving skills.

The complete program includes:

  • Driver Awareness Video - 35 minutes
  • Instructor Manual
  • Driver Score Sheets (duplicate as needed)
  • Attendance Record
  • Instructor Score Sheet
  • Teaching Tips


A Matter Of Time

Matter Order Item# MOTV-01 Price: $99.95

Defensive driving can save lives, equipment and money. This video program, A shows how quickly an accident can occur and details the "little" things a driver can do to avoid accidents.

Since most accidents occur in less than 5 seconds, driving defensively is critical for the professional driver. This program graphically illustrates the events that can occur in a just a few seconds, and the distances a vehicle will travel per second at various speeds.

At only 10 minutes in length, it is a great video to show for safety meetings and is guaranteed to keep your driver's attention.

A great addition to your defensive driving training library!

5 Keys To Safe Driving

5KeysOrder Item # 10021A Price: $99.95

The "Smith System " of defensive driving has been recognized as the best defensive driving system ever developed. The "Smith System "has been used exclusively by United Parcel Service (UPS) for years with tremendous success.

Now you can have this excellent 12 minute program which is designed to illustrate safe driving techniques. It covers the "5 Keys" to defensive driving using the "Smith System ".

This program is a must for any employee who operates trucks or ANY COMPANY vehicles on the road.


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