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CDL Training Materials

CDL Test Questions on CD-ROM
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 Complete Program

The only Windows based CD-ROM available for Commercial Drivers License (CDL) testing and training of commercial drivers.

This easy to use and understand program guides the driver through taking the CDL tests, scoring and then printing out the test results. The program prompts the driver to enter his name and identification number (usually his social security number), and then provides easy to understand voice prompts and music as the driver chooses which CDL test he wants to take.

Once loaded into your 486 or higher PC compatible computer - it can be used to train and test all of your drivers - over and over - as often as needed.

System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible (486 or higher) with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, sound blaster compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive with 4 mg of RAM and 20 mg hard drive space, 256 color display and printer.

The complete program comes with the latest version of the popular CTTS CDL Study Manual and single user version CD-ROM.

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EL NSC/CTTS CDL Manual De Estudio

Order Item # SM001 CDLSPrecio: $34.95 anada

Spanish CDL Manual
Ahora viene el UNICO CDL manual en espanol, EL CTTS CDL Manual De Estudio, de los mismos publicadores del CTTS CDL Study Manual original. La version original de este manual ha asistido a miles de conductores a obtener su CDL en su primera vez.

Totalmente nuevo para 1997, esta Segunda Edicion del Manual en Espanol contiene las ultimas preguntas y respuestas del examen CDL....... mas de 500 preguntas con respuestas correctas. Escritas en un formato que es facil de leer y entender, esta edicion esta al dia con lo ultimo del examen de Materiales Peligrosos y las ultimas ediciones de como frenar apropiadamente en una pendiente cuesta abajo.

Si usted tiene conductores o estudiantes que necesiten estudiar para el CDL en espaniol, entonces este manual es para usted. Es simplemente el mejor CDL Manual de Estudio disponible y el UNICO MANUAL COMPLETAMENTE DISENADO CON EL CONDUCTOR HISPANO EN MENTE.


NSC/CTTS CDL Study Manual
CDL Manual
CDLOrder Item # EM001 $34.95
  • Contains the latest test questions and answers
  • Contains the latest information on down hill braking
  • Contains the latest Hazardous Material changes
  • Helps to comply with HM 126-F and HM 181 requirements

The second edition of the CTTS CDL Study Manual follows in the footsteps of the original manual, which assisted hundreds of thousands of drivers to obtain their CDL. This edition contains the latest updates and newest test questions to be found on the CDL tests in each state. This manual has been endorsed by 22 State Trucking Associations and has been used more widely than any CDL training available on the market.

This manual is used by leading truck driver training schools.

You Asked For It... HERE IT IS!

The 400+ page CTTS/CDL Study Manual has now been divided into individual Study Guides.

ONLY 11.95 Each!

Each Study Guide contains the latest information on the CDL examination and includes both multiple choice AND true & false questions.

If you are looking for the easiest CDL training available, this is it. Order today.

Harazdous Materials
Hazardous Material &
Tank Vehicle Manual
Order Item # CDLhmm $11.95

Air Brakes Manual
Air Brakes Manual
Order Item # CDLabm $11.95

General Knowledge
General Knowledge Manual
Order Item # CDLgkm $11.95
Combination Vehicles
Combination Vehicles &
Doubles and Triples Manual
Order Item # CDLcvm $11.95
Passenger Transportation
Transporting Passengers Manual
Order Item # CDLtpm $11.95
General Skills
Skills Test Manual
Order Item # CDLstm $11.95
NSCSI/CTTS CDL Training Videos

The NSCSI/CTTS CDL Video Series is designed to complete the study process. When used in conjunction with the CDL Study Manual, these videos become a comprehensive training program. The video(s) explain the questions and answers after each chapter of the manual. These videos are invaluable for the training of new drivers and refreshing the seasoned professional. Order only the video you need for the test(s) you are taking.
Currently being used by major truck driver training schools throughout the
United States.

general knowledge.jpg (212417 bytes)
General Knowledge
Order #GVV $54.95

air brakes.jpg (213472 bytes)
Air Brakes
Order #ABV $54.95
transporting passengers.jpg (222906 bytes)
Transporting Passengers
Order #PTV $54.95


combination vehicle.jpg (205809 bytes)
Combination Vehicles
Order #CVV $54.95


doubles and triples.jpg (204466 bytes)
Doubles And Triples
Order #DTV $54.95


tank vehicles.jpg (201882 bytes)
Tank Vehicles
Order #TVV $54.95


hazardous  materials.jpg (208865 bytes)
Hazardous Materials
Order #HMV $54.95
pre trip tractor trailer.jpg (215706 bytes)
Pre-Trip Inspection - Tractor Trailer
Order #PT-001 $119.95
pre trip inspecton.jpg (222338 bytes)
Pre-Trip Inspection - Straight Truck
Order #PT-002 $119.95
skills test.jpg (210901 bytes)
Skills Test
Order #EV204 $54.95
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pre trip inspecton.jpg (222338 bytes)   pre trip tractor trailer.jpg (215706 bytes)   skills test.jpg (210901 bytes)   tank vehicles.jpg (201882 bytes)   transporting passengers.jpg (222906 bytes)
Order ALL 10 Videos for only $399.00
SAVE $150.50!
Order #10CDL Only $399.00



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