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Transportation Library for Bus Drivers and Students


Basic Driving Skills
Includes proper choke use, braking operations, correct procedures for left and right hand turns, and more
 Item #  BDS4003 $ 69.00
Safe Driving Principles
Presents examples of many of the potential driving hazards a school bus driver faces during a daily run and how to be prepared to handle them
 Item #  SDP4004 $ 69.00
Buster and the Boosters
Buster, the robotic school bus, teaches elementary school students how to be safe bus riders
 Item #  BB4005 $ 69.00


Driver First Aid
Addresses the day to day minor injuries a bus driver must handle
 Item #  DFA4006 $ 69.00
Emergency Evacuation
Covers the driver's responsibilities for an emergency evacuation
Item #  EE4007 $ 69.00
Driving the Activity Bus
Helps the driver understand the added responsibilities and requirements of activity bus operation
 Item #  DAB4008 $ 69.00
If I Were The Bus Driver
An imaginative ridership training video - a student is the driver while the troublesome students are all adults
Item #  BD4009  $ 69.00
Who's Liable
This program provides answers to complicated legal issues, covers conditions of liability, and the potential for personal fault or liability.  Examples of court cases help drivers understand these terms and how they apply when determining fault in the event of an accident
Item #  WL4010  $ 69.00
Common Sense; Insuring Your Personal Safety
When you mention injuries, most drivers automatically think of a vehicle accident, but thousands of worker's comp injuries happen just getting the bus ready for a run.  This program stresses the importance of putting common sense and personal awareness to work when performing all job duties
Item #  CS4011 $ 69.00
For You, The Veteran Driver
Jim Ellis, noted school transportation expert, looks at the strengths and weaknesses of being a veteran driver.  This program is filled with information and examples to remind veteran drivers of the importance of correcting bad habits before they cause a series problem
Item #  TVD4012 $ 69.00
Buzzy's Safe Rider Rules
Buzzy and his puppeteer friend Ralph teach safe ridership, stressing the importance of good behavior on the bus
Item #  4013  $ 69.00
A Safe Bus Ride - It All Begins With You
A unique program aimed at helping parents prepare their young students for the bus ride to and from school
Item #  4014  $ 69.00
Managing the Middle School Rider
An informative program designed to help drivers understand the nature of middle school students
Item #  4201  $ 69.00
Communications: It's Not Just Talk (3-tape series)
A three-part guide to better communications: Part 1: Foundation of Communication; Part 2: Why Do People Act That Way; Part 3: Five Steps to Better Communication
Item #  4300  $ 210.00


Introduction to the Special Needs Bus
Provides a complete overview of the challenges facing the new special needs driver and attendant
Item #  4501  $ 69.00
Loading and Unloading the Special Needs Bus
Demonstrates the use of wheelchair lifts and tie downs, personal safety restraints, and other equipment and procedures involved in loading and unloading special needs students
Item #  4502  $ 69.00
Emergency Evacuation of the Special Needs Bus
An essential tape covering the procedures for evacuating ambulatory and non-ambulatory riders from the bus
Item #  4503  $ 69.00
Transporting the Physically Disabled
Describes the challenges involved in transporting the physically disabled, stressing the importance of allowing them to become as independent as possible
Item #  4504  $ 69.00
Transporting the Mentally Disabled
Explains the behavior and attitudes associated with the mentally disabling conditions, stressing the importance of the driver's role in the overall daily education process
Item #  4505  $ 69.00
Transporting the Emotionally Disabled
Explains the behavior and attitudes associated with students who are emotionally disabled, stressing the importance of a patient but firm attitude to maintain control on the bus
Item #  Transporting the Emotionally Disabled  $ 69.00
Wheelchair Management
Cover the problems caused by the many variables in wheelchairs, from differences in construction to the variety of ways they must be secured on the bus
Item #  4507  $ 69.00
Universal Precautions on the Special Needs Bus
Because special needs drivers are exposed to other virus carrying body fluids besides blood, this program includes information on preventing the transmission of HIV, CMV, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, and the common cold
Item #  4508  $ 69.00

Based on the highly acclaimed program developed and conducted in seminars nationwide by Ken Routson.  In this program, each driver experiences through simulation the disabling conditions affecting special needs students.  NOTE: Where applicable, the tapes in the series include a trainer manual.

  Transporting Students with Hearing Disabilities Item #  4510  $ 69.00
  Transporting Students with Visual Disabilities  Item #  4511  $ 69.00
  Transporting Students with Mental Disabilities Item #  4512  $ 69.00
  Transporting Students with ADD/ADHD Disorders Item #  4513  $ 69.00
  Transporting Students with Orthopedic Disabilities Item #  4514  $ 69.00
Sexuality and Socialization for Students with Disabilities Item #  4515  $ 69.00
Ken Routson, a twenty-two year veteran driver, trainer, and specialist in working with people with disabilities, deals with the subject of sexuality on the special needs bus in a frank, factual manner.  Trainers often find this a difficult subject to handles, but with Ken Routson and this video program, your task is simplified
  Understanding the Dysfunctional Family Item #  4516  $ 69.00
Not all the challenges of special needs transportation involve the students - many drivers will say that sometimes the greatest challenge is dealing with the parents of riders with disabilities.  This program gives a better understanding of the stress and emotional problems that sometimes lead to a parent's uncooperative or hostile behavior.  The driver who learns to be patient and understanding of both passengers and their parents can reduce or even eliminate these problems


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