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D.E.I. Licence #000120


New rules regarding CDL Drivers

On October 1st, 2005 new rules went into effect issued by the NJMVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission) regarding CDL drivers....

NJMTA November 2005 383.51             

If a driver is operating a motor vehicle and is convicted of ....

Will result in disqualification from operating a CMV    for ....

Vehicle Inspections ... What penalties can you expect?

Section 383.51 and 391.15 of the FMSCR outline a penalty....

Inspection Basics

Federal and State regulations require that commercial truck drivers conduct a pre-trip....

Turnpike releases accident stats April 2005...

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections State and Federal Regulations require Commercial Motor Vehicles to be inspected by a Certified Vehicle Safety Inspection for safety defects periodically. IT'S NOT AN OPTION ... IT IS THE LAW!

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Driver Qualification Services & Pre-Employment Screening National Safety Compliance, Inc. offers a complete D.O.T. certified screening service for the driver-applicants before they are hired. Save time and money by letting NSC qualify your driver-applicants before you hire them.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing Most “mobile-on-site” testing services use your facilities, compromising privacy and productivity. Our experienced, certified technicians will take care of all your testing needs.

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Diesel Emission Testing New Jersey standards require that all heavy duty vehicles powered by a diesel engine and/or operating on New Jersey highways submit to a smoke emissions test.

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Seminars The hazardous material regulations are constantly changing. Significant changes were brought about in two dockets; Docket I (HM-200) Intrastate Transportation of Hazardous Materials; and Docket II (HM-206) Improvements to the Hazardous Materials Communication Requirements. These dockets have imposed new requirements on both shippers and transporters of hazardous materials, even chemicals needed when performing plumbing work which significantly impact the way business is conducted. Most of these new requirements are in effect now, but compliance was mandatory by October 1, 1998.

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Mobile Medical Services National Safety Compliance, Inc. Substance Abuse Division will develop a professionally customized policy and procedure for your company that conforms to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations outlined in 49 CFR Part 40.

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